“It was empowering to be able to share the experience as a couple. We found it reassuring when discussing things we already knew and we learnt a lot of new and invaluable information. We would recommend this course to all new parents!

Emily & Dan

"As a new dad i found the preparing for birth and baby course really useful. Not just as it taught me about the anatomical and scientific side of birth, but also how i could best support my partner and take some ownership over the whole process. Even though nothing will prepare you for the reality of becoming a dad, this class came close."


"We found the Prepare for birth and baby course so helpful in giving us the knowledge and confidence when approaching the birth of our second child. The sessions were relaxed, informative and sensitive to a whole range of parents expectations and most importantly we felt empowered to make the informed decisions that all parents can benefit from in our birth plan and birthing experience. We can’t recommend this course enough, either first time parent or as a top up for existing parents"
Zara & Nick

"As a birth partner I found the course to be a truly invaluable reminder of the many ways to support and assist in the birth of our second son. Kat balanced the factual information of birth plans and approaches to each stage of birth really well with more subtle and hidden aspects, helping to remind me about different ways to think about being sensitive, caring as well as being able to make clear decisions at key times in the birth. I would highly recommend this course!"


“You can read all the books, but there’s nothing like having something, which could be quite scary,
talked through and with other couples to share it with. Feeling very calm, informed and ready now... 
well as ready as we will ever be!

Eleanor & Steve

We feel so much more prepared for the birth of our baby! Having felt a bit anxious about labour and what to expect, we now feel more confident. Kat has given us the knowledge to make informed decisions and practical birth & baby tips, which we found really helpful. My partner also learnt about 
how he could be involved in the process, which was something he was worried about.”

Harri & Hugh